TwoCat Key

Hot Beverages are 16 or 20 Oz 

Cold Beverages 20 or 24 Oz 

Most drinks can be either hot or cold 

Decaf is available with all espresso drinks 

All drinks can be made to order

Additional espresso shots are $1.00

Brewed Coffee 

Brew of the Day

Cold Brew 

Regular or Nitro

Signature Drinks 

The Drink of the Month

Ask your barista

The Frazzled Cat 

Medium 3 shot latte with Mocha

Large 4 shot latte with Mocha

The Black Cat

Black tea latte with choice of sweetner

Cat Nip

Cold Brew with an Espresso Shot

The Havana

Mocha latte

The Tuxedo

Black And White Mocha latte

The Scaredy Cat 

Decaf shots and a choice of non-dairy milk (soy, almond or coconut) 

The Siamese 

White Mocha latte

Espresso Drinks

Americano   |   Cappuccino   |    Espresso    |     Latte

Non-Espresso Drinks


Chai       |       Hot Cocoa


Green or regular

Water Bottle

Flavors (Regular or Sugar-Free)


Chocolate chip cookie dough






Mocha (sauce)

White Mocha (sauce)

| Almond   |   English Toffee   |   Hazelnut    |   Vanilla |



Whole       |        2%       |       Non-Fat (Skim) 




Breve (Half and Half) 

Heavy Creme 

Chocolate Milk

Choices in bold have an additional $0.50 charge. 


Snacks fresh daily

Muffins *

Assorted muffins

Bagels *

Assorted bagels

Cookies *

Chocolate Chip Or Oatmeal Raisin

* May contain nuts, wheat, gluten, eggs or soy. Customers with these types of allergies should avoid consuming these items. Menu items may be subject to change without notice.