Times are tough.. TwoCatCoffee here to help

We here at TwoCat Coffee hope you and your families are doing their part to stay safe & healthy. We will continue to maintain the highest cleanliness standards while providing You with quality treats and beverages.

We now offer online ordering to make contactless window pick-up a breeze.

Prefer to pay in-person without reaching for your wallet? We accept Square, Apple & Samsung Pay.

Please reach out if you’d like to beat those drive-thru lines and instead, have tasty beverages brought to you!

New Drinks

Hi, we have some new and delicious drinks on the menu.  The Havana,  our version of the classic mocha latte, and the Tuxedo, our black and white mocha.  The Cat Nip, our cold brew with a shot of espresso for an extra kick.  Lastly, to round out our menu is the Black Cat – our freshly brewed black tea with your choice of milk. Try any of these tasty beverages hot or iced!


New and notable

Hey, it’s been a while since posting. We’ve made some changes and now there is a crew of two. There will be more about them later. We’ve been out at some private events and are back out on our routes now. Check in at streetfoodfinder.com for the latest.

We have new syrups like Tiramisu and Chai Spice. Come check them out!

Top Cat at Two Cat Coffee

Two Cat Tuesdays

I know…he’s only one half

Hi!  As you know we love cats from the name.  But we love dogs and other animals, too.  I rescued the two cats that the company is named after from the Arizona Humane Society in 2016.  In the name of that spirit, we will donate 10% of our sales on certain Tuesdays to the Arizona Humane Society.  This week will be the start, so check out where we will be.

Nitro Cold Brew

There seems to be an impression out there that nitro cold brew is significantly stronger than regular cold brew.  This is why there are many places selling only a medium and small size of this drink.  Truth be told, that nitro cold brew is only about 10% stronger on average to regular cold brew.

Nitrogen infusion is typically done to enhance flavor.  This takes some of the bitterness out of the coffee, offering a smoother coffee experience.

Two Cat Coffee has nitro cold brew available for sale.  Please come by and check us out!

We are are out and about!

We haven’t posted much on the site, but we are going out this weekend and will be out next week, too, with lots of treats and fun, too.  We are planning to be at Granada Park in Phoenix tomorrow from 8-10 AM.  We are planning to be in Chandler at Chandler Blvd and Dobson road at 9 AM and Friday at 525 E Baseline Road in Gilbert.  Stay tuned for more updates!